Bed Bug Bites and Treatment


  • What do bed bug bites look like?
  • What do bed bugs look like?
  • And which bed bug bites treatments are readily available? bed bug bitesIf you have had the unfortunate and, sometimes, deeply disturbing experience of having been bitten by bugs at night, then you would want to be able to identify, whether bed bugs are the culprits. On this website, you will learn how to identify the typical bed bug bites, by learning about the various bed bug bites symptoms and by viewing  a host of bed bug bites pictures.

Then, once you have established that those nightly bites did indeed come from the bloodsucking bed bugs, you will want to move quickly to ensure that your bedbug bites are treated properly and most importanly, to ensure that the bed bugs are removed from your bed and your house. Bed bugs can live without feeding for up to 1 year, and getting rid of the bed bugs is no easy feat.

Don’ t delay!

BED BUG BITES: Picture of the most typical bedbug bite with the 3 or 4 bites-in-a-row pattern.


Bed bugs (or Cimicidae and Cimex lectularius) are small parasitic insects. ‘Bed bugs’ usually refers to those specimens that prefer to feed on human blood, but all the insects in this family survive solely on the blood of warm-blooded animals.

The name “bed bug” comes from the insects typical habitat in beds, mattresses or couches, where they have easy access to feeding on humans. Bed bugs are mostly active at night. Bed bug bites can lead to skin rashes, allergic symptoms and even have psychological effects.

In the developed world, bed bugs were largely eradicated as pests in the early 1940s, but they have increased there presence in the western world since about 1995, probably due to a resistance to pesticides.

WHAT DO BED BUGS LOOK LIKE? Bedbugs are 4-6 millimeter in length and brownish in colour.


So, how do you know that you have been bitten by bed bugs?

Well, bed bug bites often show up after you have slept in a foreign bed, a hotel room or a hostel, where beds are shared. However, bed bugs increasingly show up in peoples own homes, where they have typically been brought in by pets or by hiding in suitcases or artifacts imported from abroad. Bed bugs are now so common, that you cannot rule out that you have been bitten in your own bed, even if you keep the cleanest of homes.

What do bed bug bites look like?

No one reacts to bed bug bite thea in exactly the same way. Some will get a rash-like appearance that is raised up and which itches. These will appear on one particular area of the skin, or on one side of the body, that the bed bug will focus on.  However, if the bed bug infestation is considerable, you might get little red welts all over the body. Other bedbug victims might get  just small bumps that are white or pink in colour. The severity of the the bed bug bites symptoms varies from person to person, and their individual allergic response. Up to 50% of people bitten by bed bugs, will not get any easily noticable symptoms from the bites.

The face, neck, hands, and arms are the most common sites for the bed bug bites, but any part of you body that has been exposed during the night can be attatcked. The bite itself is painless and is not usually noticed, though repeated biting can lead to bad sleep.

Bed bug bites can be hard to distinquish from bites from fleas, mosquitos bites or  spiders or other bugs. However, there are some signs or behaviour that can help you identify, whether you have been bitten by bed bugs.

1) Bed bug bites often occur in a a line of 3 (or 4) bites in a row, called ‘breakfast, lunch and dinner’.

2) Bed bug bites may take up to a week to appear, visibly. In some people they will show up after 1 or 2 hours, though. Unlike mosquito bites, chemicals in the bed bugs’ saliva prevent the itching and swelling from showing up immediately, so that the bugs can feed without interuption.

3) Bed bug bites appear in cycles of every 2 weeks or every month. This is a sign that your bed is infested by bed bugs, as they only feed every 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

4) The bed bug bites most often look like mosquito bites, but larger, often accompanied by swelling and itching.

5) The itching increase, when the skin is exposed to abnormal and harsh conditions, like hot showers, swimming pool water, extreme cold weather etc.

6) Your body has been bitten on only one side, or in one part where your body has been exposed overnight.

7) If you have been staying in a campsite, hostel or foreign hotel recently, then there is an increased chance that the  bites you have, are bedbug bites.

8 ) Have a good look at your bed or mattress. If you see small dark spots (dark fecal matter) in the lining, or other crevices or eggs that look like rice, then its a sure sign that you have a bed bug infestation.

If you have been bitten by bed bugs, then there are a few things you can do. Various bed bug bite creams can help with the itching, swelling and redness.

But most importantly, you need to treat the cause, not the symptoms. Bed bugs can be hiding anywhere in your home, not just your mattress or bed, and you should look into bed bug treatments for your home immediately, if you suspect that you have been bitten in your own home. A single bed bug can lay up to 500 eggs, so there is no reason to delay.

Watch this BED BUG VIDEO, for general information about Bedbugs:

-For more help in diagnosing bed bug bites, see the BED BUG BITES PICTURES page on this website.

For more information on bed bug treatment for your home and bed bug bites treatments, see the relevant pages.

Have you had experiences with bed bug bites? Then please leave a comment in the comment section below.

We need to help eachother with getting rid of  these nasty bed bugs, as soon as possible.

Helpful Sites and Other Resources.

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Questions and Answers.

Any questions about bed bugs? Add your comment in the comment section below.

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13 thoughts on “Bed Bug Bites and Treatment

  • jasmine

    i think i may have been bitten by bedbugs. i am the only one getting bit i checked my mattress & didnt see any signs of bedbugs but when i checked my bedskirt & sheets i found a few bugs the look like bedbugs in the lining of the sheet & on the bedskirt. it started when i bought my daughters bed from a furniture store she was the only one getting bit & again when i checked it they were only on her sheets & cover. i bombbed her room & she hasnt gotten bit since but now they were in my room. is thre any pest comtrol that i can call or go to that excepts payment plans?


      that definately sounds like bed bugs.. you can find links to several pest control companies on this site, or you can try to kill the nasty bugs yourself. Throw out your mattress if you found them nesting there..let us know how you get on.

  • jasmine

    i think i may have been bitten by bedbugs. i am the only one getting bit i checked my mattress & didnt see any signs of bedbugs but when i checked my bedskirt & sheets i found a few bugs the look like bedbugs in the lining of the sheet & on the bedskirt. it started when i bought my daughters bed from a furniture store she was the only one getting bit & again when i checked it they were only on her sheets & cover. i bombbed her room & washed all her covers she hasnt gotten bit since but now they were in my room. is there any pest control that i can call or go to that excepts payment plans?

  • Jv

    Get treatment for bed bugs before your scratching on itch area turns to marks or pus.


  • VS

    two days ago, i was in the shower and i noticed a bunce of little red bumps spread between my thighs, sides and all over my butt. They aren’t itchy, but some got itchy with the hot shower. I stripped my bed and looked and looked. I found nothing much. On my matress cover, i found something that looked like a piece of fluff, i went to examine it, but it appeared to ‘jump’ away. i don’t know if this was a trick of the eye or not. I also found dark spots on my sheet in a clump by near where my feet are. The spots were fair in size. That is all i discovered, could it be bet bugs, or am i just paranoid?

  • Bedbug Control NYC

    It seems you can’t turn around without get bitten.

  • vielka kin

    my six year old son started to get rashes and bumps on his arms,legs,sometimes neck that will dissappear at the end of the day.
    Since I never saw any bugs or anything like that when changing his bed,I thought it was more of an allegy related issue than anything else.
    Starting by changing laundry detergent,starting a gluten free diet ,all the way to taking him to the allergist,homeopath etc.Until today,while changing his bed sheets,I saw a bug that I have never seen before that splashed blood when I smash him.Taking the matresses apart,I saw at least five more that were in a sleep mode under the bottom matress but that moved when I picked them up.
    I horrified,discovered what they were when I decided to look up what bed bugs looked like.
    Im a few hours away from having an expert come and inspect my home.Im praying that they are not everywhere in my house.
    Any preventative methods for other people to read would be great,so they dont have to go thru this!!!!!

  • Alice Carroll

    It’s interesting to know that even pets can bring bed bugs to a home. I’ve be feeling some itchiness whenever I wake up in the morning for the past weeks I think something is up with my bed. Perhaps I should call on a bed bug treatment expert to diagnose if my bed really does have bed bugs.

  • Nancy

    My son was warned by MTA worker that a seat on the subway had bedbugs. My son was already sitting on the bench. The transit worker said a homeless person had been sleeping there. Maybe this person was prejudiced and ignorant. Or maybe he knew something.
    Either way, is this even possible? I had him undress and put everything he was wearing in a garbage bag. Like with lice exposure. Do bed bugs also suffocate and die within 48 hours? Or is there something else I should do?
    My son has no signs of bites or itching.

  • Coy

    I don’t see any bedbugs but I have been waking up of red swell and itchy for 3 week now and seem to appear every time after I wake up..but I’m not seeing any they move like snail..brown, dark, and look like swordfish?

  • Vicky Fine

    I stayed at a camp and developed large welps that looked like a spider bite not the little dots I had been taught to look for. We were there 6 days without internet. I got new areas every day. When I got home and researched I learned some people react badly. As my husband doctored me he found ting red spots that I’d never seen before. Those did not itch so I documented my experience for future reference. 1 st day tiny red spots not noticed unless you look closely. 2 nd day a large swelling and dots disappear so it looks like one large bit and itchy. 3rd day extreme itchy and raised more. 4th day started to ooze and bad itch. 5th day scab from pi’s broke. 5 th itch subside and looks dry like a spider bite. 6 day disappearing no itch but visable something is there. So because only the 6th day I saw a red spot inductive of bed bug I did not report till 6th day and was eaten on 6 days.

  • Angela

    I stayed at a hotel on a Friday night. While sleeping my daughter noticed the bedbugs. We schooked out our things and got out of there. At home we left our things outside, showered before going to bed. By Tuesday I noticed a little red bump on my left foot and one on my right ankle, they don’t itch. Nothing in my daughter. Should I have an exterminator come out and buy a new mattress?

  • Gigi

    I bought a new bed a month ago and I was so happy. I also found out my grandmas bed is infested with bed bugs but I never thought I would bring one home with me from her room. I noticed one just one the following day. I killed it. Washed all the sheets and sprayed bed bug poison. Thought I was out of the woods. Then several weeks later, yesterday to be precise I noticed a very tiny bug walking on my wall. I killed it and the blood ? told me this may be a bed bug. Then few seconds later, I noticed another very tiny one walking on my bed where I was laying down. I screamed from annoyance. I took my sheets out and looked in the cracks of my bed sheet and sure enough, I saw few bugs there. They seemed to have started a small family. I immediately sprayed them and took everything out and threw them into the washing machine. On top of that my legs are full of bites all over. My mattress is brand new so I don’t want to throw away. What brand of sprays are strong to kill them?! What can I use for my itch?! Do they ever get killed away if they already got in?!

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